School Events

"Right from the very start of planning, Mike was very easy to work with and very flexible with dates and times. Since this was a middle school dance, he made sure that all music was age appropriate, current, and most importantly, radio edited music. My students can't wait for their next dance!"
Rachel, - Hampton Academy, Hampton NH

Has your school fallen into the same old less than stellar rut for your school dances, pep rallies, and other events? Are you experiencing, declining interest, ticket sales, and attendance? Not only to your dances, but to sporting events, drama club shows, concert performances, and other after-school events? Do your students seem bored, or uninterested? Then your school may be suffering from a serious condition known as CEB (Chronic Event Boredom). This condition is the result of years of neglect to school dances and other events that should serve to add excitement and engage your student population, which results in higher school pride, as well as student commitment and attendance to these events. It could also be argued that holding regular events with exciting, high energy atmospheres for your students to release their tension and stress can result in better academic performance as well.

Students today are unlike any group of kids ever in history less face it their music tastes are well… Interesting, and in the era of streaming music, video, and entertainment, they are becoming harder to entertain and please. So what can we do to help engage your students and bring the spirit back to your school!

Types of School Events

Our mission is to create the most energetic and exciting dance experience your school has ever seen. So much more than button pushers. With the best light show of any mobile DJ in southern NH, and similar equipment to that used by some the worlds top touring DJs, we can make school dances look, feel, and sound more like a concert, club, or VIP party experience. You have never seen anything like it at a school event.

Don't worry all of our music is clean edits, and with the use of our online request system, we can have your students make song requests before their event so we can pre-screen the music.

Have you ever been to a professional sporting event or watched one on TV that didn’t include some form of production such as fog bursts, lighting effects, or something else to get the crowd hyped? Can you imagine your football, basketball, or soccer teams, being introduced through fog geysers, and awesome intelligent lighting that scans the court, field, and crowd? Talk about home court/field advantage! We offer various options and services, from rentals to full production.

Talent shows often require particular attention to sound and lighting equipment. Each act has various needs. Some will need a single microphone, while others will require multiple microphones and specific lighting cues. We can help facilitate the production and makes sure each act has what it needs to stand out.

If you are not one of the larger schools with a dedicated theatre with lighting and sound we can help accommodate your needs. With both rental and dedicated lighting and sound tech options available.

With years of experience in the recording and live sound business, we are well trained to provide both live sound support and recording of your winter and spring concerts. The recording can then be sold to family and friends to help raise money and continue to support the music programs.