Audio Events offers an amazing array of Lighting & Audio Video options to help you add that extra Wow factor to your event. We specialize in providing Uplighting, Monogram / Gobo Projection, Cake Pinspotting, Dance Floor Lighting, and Video screens and projectors for all types of venues from large. Event Lighting is an easy way to transform a whole room or simply add accent decor elements throughout the entire space. Monogram / Gobo projection can personalize an event or add to the theme. And of course what party isn't complete without an exciting dance floor light show! Make sure you check out our lighting photo album.


Uplighting is a great way to bring a beautiful and magical feel to your event. Uplighting adds depth and a personal touch to your event by painting your room with light. The effect can be quite dramatic and help define the space, add color and dimension to compliment your event’s color scheme. Color can evoke emotional responses. Create a real WOW effect by turning your reception into a beautiful canvas of light. From soft and romantic to vibrant and lively, a lighting design can be created to capture your personal tastes and preferences. Prices for Uplighting can vary depending on the size or type of venue and personal preference of coverage. Since every venue and event is different, pricing can vary but we always try to work within any budget so call us today for more info! (603) 722-0108

Projection Monograms

Monogram Projection is an excellent way to personalize your wedding and add that extra Wow factor. Monograms can be projected on your dance floor, wall or any open space, even on the side of a building. Your monogram can include your name, date, initials, a themed graphics and more. A great way to "brand" your wedding is to have the monogram coordinate with your invitations, cake, napkins, or other wedding elements.

You can use your own artwork or we can help create a design for you. Just one of the many ways we help me your event more special. For very little investment relative to the impact, you can make a lasting impression on your guests with a monogram!

Pin Spotting

Pin Spotting Let's face it most wedding cakes, and floral centerpieces are not inexpensive items to add to your wedding. Not only did you spend good money on them but you also spent a lot of time researching bakers and florists, designs and arrangements before deciding on the perfect cake and centerpieces to accent your vision, and represent your personality and taste.

Pin spotting is a great way to highlight your multi-hundred cake and centerpieces to make sure they don't go unnoticed. Do you remember if the cake or centerpieces stood out at the last wedding you attended? Without highlighting these essential decorative elements, it's almost as if they aren't there at all.