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Studio710 has 4 unique spaces, all acoustically tuned, and separated by 13 inch walls filled with sound proof insulation, 5/8 Sheetrock, and hung on Sound Channel. Enough with the jibba jabba, lets just say the walls are thick and sound proof.

The Control Room

features 0 right angles while the producers desk, and listening couch are perfectly centered in our symmetrical space. This design ensures that unwanted noise bounces around the listening points instead of interfering with the the mix.

The Isolation/Vocal Booth

is a small yet effective space. It features very low reverb while still providing warmth, Claustrophobic? we’ve got you covered the booth has two 3 foot by 5 foot windows that overlook the Control Room and the Live room, making the space feel twice as large.

The Live Room/Drum Room

features a little more natural or liveliness acoustics. This space is great for drums, back up vocals, percussion, bass, piano, or anything you’d like with a little more natural room ambiance.

The Sound Lock

is the space connecting all three rooms. This space really provides the sound isolation between all the rooms by separating each space with one additional door and empty air which is great at killing unwanted sound. In a pinch the Sound Lock could also be used as an additional isolation booth.