Rental Equipment

Package Price
Small PA system (Press Conference)
2 Powered Speakers with Stands, Corded Microphone
Medium PA System (Seminars)
2 Powered Speakers and Stands, Small Mixer with iPod/Computer cord, Wireless Microphone System.
Large PA System (Band System)
2 Powered Floor Monitors, 2 Powered FOH Speakers, Mixer, 4 Corded Microphones and Stands
XL PA System (Concert for 500-1000)
4 Powered Speakers, 2 4ft Floor Speakers with Amp, Mixer, 8 Corded Microphones and Stands
DJ System
2 Powered Speakers, DJ mixer, Dual CD Player, iPod/Computer Cord, Wireless Microphone
Powered Speakers
Wireless Microphone System
1 Microphone, 1 Receiver
Corded Microphone
With 25’ XLR cable
Microphones Stands
DIY LED Up-Light


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